More than two-thirds of candidates have successfully paid the university admission fee online

(MOET) – Accordingly, by 4:00 p.m. on August 28, more than two-thirds of candidates have successfully paid the online admission fee. The payment system works stably, the support work is done in a timely manner 24/7, there is no congestion or overload. Currently, candidates are paying the university entrance fee online. Until 17:00 on August 31, 2022, candidates complete the online payment of the application fee.

More than two-thirds of candidates successfully paid the online college admission fee - Photo 1.

The Ministry of Education and Training provides training on university admissions (photo: Moet)

The CSDT has many recruitment methods, it is necessary to continue to review the data

Earlier in 2 days (August 25-26), in Da Nang, the Ministry of Education and Training organized a professional training course on recruitment and handling of university and college admission requirements for training institutions. ) Southern group, Northern group and independent training institutions with the following contents: admissions database, admission process, software functions, software usage practice, and tracking of candidates paying fees enrollment on the System through the National Public Service Portal.

In order to ensure that the selection process is carried out in accordance with the Regulations and takes place seriously, safely, accurately and fairly between candidates and training institutions, at the training, the Ministry of Education and Training continued to pay attention to the training institutions about the job recruitment in the near future.

The Ministry of Education and Training noted that the system has been upgraded to meet the changes in the Regulations and regulations on enrollment, thereby making it convenient for candidates to register, check and pay admission fees. . Candidates register their aspirations online on the System with all admission methods; For qualified candidates, you can check that the registration information is correct with the admission information at the training centers.

The system has added the function of paying admission fees right on the candidate’s interface and connecting between payment platforms so that candidates can pay fees simply and conveniently; has a function so that candidates can look up to know the results of their admission and at the same time can confirm their admission right on the System.

The system supports the training institutions to monitor and check the list of eligible candidates who have registered for admission on the System to remind candidates to register within the prescribed time; support the training institutions to download the results of high school study scores as a basis for admission; support the enrollment data database to consider and process the application for admission with all recruitment methods on the System; and at the same time provide information about successful candidates to confirm their admission to the training institutions.

The training institutions fully implemented the steps and procedures of the training session according to the instructions of the documents and regulations of the regulations with the direct support of the staff of the Selection Team, the technical staff from the application. software provider.

The general admissions support system handles the application process, only doing the task of filtering out the candidates who have been selected with higher aspirations to other training institutions from the list of expected matriculation that the training institutions send to the system.

For the training institution that has many methods of admission, it is necessary to continue to review the following contents: early admission data, candidate’s electronic school record score data, high school graduation exam results combined with other conditions, Subjects selected according to capacity assessment…

The training institutions must strictly comply with: The list of officially admitted candidates for the training program is the list of candidates who are sent back to the application for the last time by the admissions application system (on the basis of the list of candidates expected to be selected by the application process). E-CSs uploaded to the System) are not allowed to adjust this official list of candidates.

The Ministry also noted that, according to regulations, for candidates who have met the eligibility requirements for admission according to the early selection method of the CSDT, the CSDT will not be reviewed, but must upload the list to the System to process their aspirations along with the application process. other candidates.

In order to ensure accuracy in the recruitment process and the availability and synchronization of the whole system, the Ministry of Education and Training continues to organize for training institutions to practice processing aspirations on the basis of a simulated database. The process of admission and processing of aspirations on the System is implemented in the same way as the official application process and application process.

The official application processing time is specified in Appendix VII to Official Letter No. 2598/BGDĐT-GDDH dated June 20, 2022 of the Ministry of Education and Training. The channeling for candidates to pay the examination fee through the National Public Service Portal does not affect the issued Application Processing Plan. Teams of training institutions that coordinate the selection process and all independent training institutions must actively participate in and perform all steps in the enrollment process according to the common schedule.

Source: MOET