Regulation No. 69-QD/TW on discipline against Party organizations, members

(BAFU) – On September 9th, a delegation of Bac Giang Agriculture and Forestry University (BAFU) attended the Conference to thoroughly grasp and implement Regulation No. 69-QD/TW, dated July 6, 2022 by the Politburo on discipline of party organization, members. The Conference was held by the Inspection Committee of Bac Giang Party Committee at Provincial Convention Center.

Đại biểu dự hội nghị ở điểm cầu tỉnh.

An overview of the conference

Đồng chí Nguyễn Thị Hương phát biểu kết luận.

Comrade Nguyen Thi Huong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Provincial Party Committee chaired the Conference.

Đồng chí Phạm Đức Tiến quán triệt nội dung Quy định.

Comrade Pham Duc Tien, member of the Central Inspection Commission thoroughly grasped the content of Regulation No. 69; focusing on the principles, core issues and new points of the Regulation.

The Politburo has issued a regulation on disciplinary measures against Party organizations and members who commit violations.

Regulation No. 69-QD/TW, dated July 6, 2022, comprises four chapters and 58 articles stipulating violations and disciplinary measures against Party organizations and members.

Previously, the discipline against Party members and organizations was prescribed in two separate documents – Regulation No. 07-QDi/TW, dated August 28, 2018, aimed at Party organizations, and Regulation No. 102-QD/TW, dated November 15, 2017, targeting Party members, both issued by the 12th–tenure Politburo.

Under Regulation No. 69, there are three levels of disciplinary actions for Party organizations: reprimand, warning and dissolution. Meanwhile, official Party members would receive reprimand, warning, demotion and expulsion.

It supplements and details specific cases in which discipline has been exempted or postponed.

Notably, the new regulation stipulates discipline for Party members who bribe their way up. The disciplinary measures range from reprimand to warning, demotion and expulsion.

The regulation also supplements discipline for those who violate regulations on the management, grant and use of diplomas and certificates, with the disciplinary measures of reprimand, warning and expulsion.

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